No peeking...  

BTP is about to unveil a summer youth program that has never before been seen
 Back To Basics
An Intro to Sports Training & Fitness  
Who this program is for
Boys & Girls ages 6 thru 9  who want to JUMP, RUN,
& even LEARN a little this summer
Parents have been wishing for a 
summer program like this 
FINALLY a program that offers the FUN & EXERCISE of a
summer camp, but with the GUIDANCE & TEACHING of
qualified Sports Performance Coaches
Your child deserves a REAL COACH this summer NOT another babysitter
Summer programs provide staff qualified to just keep your kids busy. Back To Basics is led by COACHES with over 40 YEARS of Sports Performance & Fitness Success.
Make sure your child's summer has PURPOSE
Since 2004 BTP has done everything with PURPOSE, 
this program will provide your child with just that. 

Here are the specifics  
6 Week Program - Two Times Per Week - Each Session is 60 mins

6 & 7 yr olds grouped together - 8 & 9 yr olds grouped together

1st Camp =  June 11th - July 25th
2nd Camp =  June 25th - August 8th

Sessions take place on Tuesday & Thursday every week

You get to pick either 11:00am or 5:00pm for your convenience on these days

Camp Location is at our main facility in Oviedo. 7500 square feet of fun.
No other program can offer a facility like this, & weather is NEVER an issue
Camp Fees 
1st Child $175
2nd Child $85
3rd Child FREE
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